Dave Lagadi Music


Serenade Your Sweetie

What would be sweeter and more memorable than for your loved one to receive an elegant serenade at their work, home or special location on a special day? 

I can provide this on location and perform a song selected from my song list or I will learn one you suggest. 

Music is the universal language that can say it better than words alone.  Here are just a few occasions that serenading your loved one would be appropriate and well received:

  • Wedding Anniversaries 
  • Prelude to a wedding 
  • Valentine's Day 
  • Birthdays
  • Mother's and Father's Day
  • Get yourself out of the "Dog House" Day  
  • Use your imagination . . .

Song Selection:

Go to any page and at the top place your curser over "Home" and you will see the "Song Lists" appear.  Click on them and you can select a song from there that would be appropriate for your occasion.  If you don't see what you want, tell me and I'll learn it for you. 


My serenade service begins at $50 per appearance.  . . Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Here's what people have said about either giving or receiving a DL serenade:

"My wife was delighted and everyone present was touched by her tearful, but happy response" 

Eddie Brown
 "What a pleasant surprise to receive a beautiful love song for my birthday, I never expected it and will never forget it"
Marti Blackmon

"My husband's public expression of love and devotion made our 20th anniversary the most special ever..."
D. Martin
"Dave sang Frank Sinatra's "My Way" for Father's Day and our tough ol Dad had tears in his eyes . . . so did we!"
B. Wallace & Family

"It was a wonderful prelude to our wedding, took me totally by surprise. . .  Dave's song was beautifully delivered at my work and it really made my day . . .  my co-workers were envious they had never received such a special gift of love. . ."
Marilynn Fernandes

 "Dave has a beautiful singing voice and the song my husband selected expressed so much appreciation to me . . . it's a gift I'll never forget. . ."

Tammy D.